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I have two computers, one with a 32 bit windows 7 and another with 64 bit windows 10. I have a student license. Can I install and activate MATLAB in both of my computers with my license?

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I got a student license and I want to install MATLAB in two computers, one with a 32 bit windows (windows 7) and another with 64 bit windows (windows 10). I have installed the software in my computer with 32 bit windows. Now I want to install it in my other computer. That's the reason of my question.
Thank you

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Amy on 12 Dec 2017
Hi Oscar,
Yes, with an individual student license, it is possible to activate MATLAB on two computers at a time. See this MATLAB answers post for additional information.
Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson on 16 Dec 2017
No this is incorrect information. You can install a student license on two computers but you can only activate it on one computer at a time. The licence terms are explicit on this point. I quoted them in the link that was given.

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