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How to edit a read only property (FEMesh data of PDEModel)?

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In an attempt to solve my own problem I need to edit the values of the PDE model created using the PDE toolbox.
I am attempting to to convert [p,e,t] mesh data to the FEMesh object.
When I try I get the following error
You cannot set the read-only property 'Nodes' of FEMesh.
Below is the code
function Attempt1 = LegToNew(dl,model)
% Attempt to Convert [p,e,t] to FEMesh. dl is the decomposed geometry.
Hmax = 0.3;
Hgrad = 1.9;
[p,e,t] = initmesh(dl,'Hmax',Hmax,'Hgrad',Hgrad,'JiggleIter',10);
% Form model with same sized cells
model.Mesh.Nodes = p; % Insert node data. Error occurs here.
model.Mesh.Elements = t(1:3,:); % Triangle points
% model.Mesh.MaxElementSize = ; % Unsure
% model.Mesh.MinElementSize = ; % Unsure
model.Mesh.GeometricOrder = 'linear';
If I'm able to successfully convert [p,e,t] to FEMesh data my plan is to refine a subdomain and then convert the newly created mesh data into the PDEModel.
Thank you.

Accepted Answer

Svetlana Pease
Svetlana Pease on 30 Aug 2017
Edited: Svetlana Pease on 30 Aug 2017
Unfortunately, converting a [p,e,t] mesh to a FEMesh object is not supported.
Svetlana Pease
Technical Writer, MathWorks Documentation Group

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