how can I plot nested structure fields?

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nirmala rajagopal
nirmala rajagopal on 22 Mar 2017
Edited: Walter Roberson on 18 Aug 2022
I have the output as such:
>> y=spectrm(1).hata_pathloss_L50(1).ant_rec()
y = 197.1081 184.6407 175.9222
spectrm is a structure with fields 'freq', 'hata_pathloss_L50'{ht1, ht2, ht3} and receiver antenna height {htr1, htr2, htr3}. For each ht1, ht2 and ht3 there are htr1, htr2 and htr3 and for each freq there are ht1, ht2 and ht3. How to plot freq in x-axis and pathloss in y axis? the spectrm structure is also an array. say about 10. so there are around 10 freqs

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Mehmet Burak Ekinci
Mehmet Burak Ekinci on 18 Aug 2022
Edited: Walter Roberson on 18 Aug 2022
As far as i know there is no built in support for getting values or plotting nested structure arrays.
I recently uploaded my custom matlab functions in file exchange:
It is for plotting and getting values of large nested struct arrays and it applies to your problem.
clear spectrm
% create example struct array based on your explanation
for i = 1:10
spectrm(i,1).freq = i;
spectrm(i,1).hata_pathloss_L50(1).ant_rec = (1:3)*i;
spectrm(i,1).hata_pathloss_L50(2).ant_rec = (4:6)*i;
spectrm(i,1).hata_pathloss_L50(3).ant_rec = (7:9)*i;
% retreive struct array elements
freqs = getNestedField(spectrm,'freq');
losses = getNestedField(spectrm,'hata_pathloss_L50.ant_rec');
% use struct array plotter (you may also use "plot(freqs,losses)")
% your data will be plotted in order of
% ht1.htr1, ht1.htr2, ht1.htr3, ht2.htr1, .... ht10.htr1, ht10.htr2,
% ht10.htr3

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