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Finding a significant difference between two datasets

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I would like to find spikes in a dataset that are significantly different from a second dataset.
The picture attached shows two datasets and I would like to find the spike at 255 on the x-axis.
It would be helpful if I find these significant spikes automatically with a few commands.
I think it could be possible that I have to apply a tolerance or something that says only find data that has a greater difference than such and such (depending on the datasets that I compare).
So far I only could find the overall maximum y-value and its location but that's not what I want to find.
The output should be something like:
y = [max difference between two data sets]
x = [value at which significant difference occurs]

Accepted Answer

John Chilleri
John Chilleri on 10 Mar 2017
Edited: John Chilleri on 10 Mar 2017
Given data vectors a and b of equal length, you can use the following (assuming your x values are the default 1,2,...):
x = 1:length(a);
y = abs(b-a);
[y, ind] = sort(y,'descend');
x = x(ind);
Now the vector y contains the differences sorted from largest to smallest, and the x vector contains the corresponding x values.
Hope this helps!

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Steven Lord
Steven Lord on 10 Mar 2017
If you're using release R2017a take a look at the isoutlier function.

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