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How can convert vector aa size 1x262144 to matrix 256x256

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hi every one i'm new her i need help
size of aa 1x262144 i want convert to matrix 256x256
honey on 6 Jan 2020
Edited: honey on 6 Jan 2020
but the above didn't print the sampeled values
if there are anotherways for this plzz describe
along with these why we choose 1*262144 as size. is there any reason for it
Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson on 6 Jan 2020
In your posted code, fs would be the sampling frequency. The sampled values would be in y. You would proceed to fft(y) and then analyze the results along the lines I mentioned.
Note: your y might have multiple channels, which will show up as separate columns. Be careful, as in theory the different channels can have different peak frequencies.

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Accepted Answer

Isabella Osetinsky-Tzidaki
Edited: Isabella Osetinsky-Tzidaki on 11 Dec 2016
% you will not convert (262144 is 4 times 256*256 and not equal to it)
% but complete 4 matrices out of your "aa" vector
% and you will get a "M" array:
M=nan(256,256,4); % pre-allocate
for i=1:4
Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson on 16 Mar 2020
can u please explain in this code why is it necessary to use both DCT and DWT
You should be asking the author of the code questions like that.
why only HAAR in DWT
'haar' has good time localization, able to deal with sudden changes in value, which makes it more suitable for use in audio.

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the cyclist
the cyclist on 11 Dec 2016
Use the reshape command.


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