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I already have MinGW on my computer. How do I configure it to work with MATLAB?

Asked by MathWorks Support Team on 21 Nov 2016
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I already have MinGW on my computer. How do I configure it to work with MATLAB?




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Answer by MathWorks Support Team on 18 May 2018
Edited by MathWorks Support Team on 18 May 2018
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MATLAB detects the MinGW compiler by reading the environment variable MW_MINGW64_LOC. When you install MinGW from the MATLAB Add-Ons menu, MATLAB sets this variable. The following instructions can be used to set this environment variable manually.
For MATLAB R2017b and later:
Verify you have installed MinGW-w64 version 5.3 before following these steps.
1) Download the attached MATLAB function 'configuremingw'.
2) Identify the full path to the MinGW installation directory containing the MinGW compiler binaries. This is identified as MINGWROOT.
3) In the MATLAB Command Window run:
>> configuremingw(MINGWROOT)
Alternatively, run:
>> configuremingw
Then navigate to MINGWROOT.
For MATLAB R2015b through R2017a:
Verify you have installed MinGW-w64 version 4.9.2 before following these steps.
The MW_MINGW64_LOC environment variable can be (A) set for the entire system level or (B) set temporarily every time you open MATLAB. Administrative privileges are required to set MW_MINGW64_LOC as a system environment variable. No special privileges are required to set the environment variable temporarily.
(A) To set MW_MINGW64 as a system environment variable on Windows 7/8/10:
  1. Make sure you have administrative privileges.
  2. Select Computer from the Start menu.
  3. Choose System properties from the context menu.
  4. Click Advanced system settings > Advanced tab.
  5. Click Environment Variables.
  6. Under System variables, select New.
  7. In the New System Variable dialog box, type MW_MINGW64_LOC in the Variable name field.
  8. In the Variable value field, type the location of the MinGW-w64 compiler installation, for example, 'C:\TDM-GCC-64'.
  9. Click "OK" to close the dialog boxes, then close the Control Panel dialog box.
(B) To set MW_MINGW64 as a temporary environment variable using MATLAB:
Run the following in the MATLAB Command Window:
>> setenv('MW_MINGW64_LOC',folder)
where 'folder' is the installation directory of MinGW. For example, 'C:\TDM-GCC-64'. This command will need to be run every time you start MATLAB for MATLAB to correctly use MinGW. You can consider adding the above command to your 'startup.m' file. This will execute the command every time MATLAB starts up.
To Verify:
After performing the above steps, you can verify if the compiler was recognized by MATLAB by running the following command:
>> mex -setup


For every new Matlab instance, it shows 'No supported compiler found' when I use '>>mex -setup'.
To resolve this, I need to run 'configuremingw.p' every time when I open MATLAB 2017b.
Is this required to follow every time?
You might need to Run As Administrator once to have the file be written to the right place.

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Answer by S Crombie on 22 Nov 2017

I am using MATLAB 2017b so followed the first set of instructions. After setting MINGWROOT = 'C:\mingw64' and running configuremingw(MINGWROOT) I get the following error: Undefined variable "mex_spkg" or class "mex_spkg.getEnvVarName".
Error in configuremingw
Where are these variables supposed to be? Have I not configured the path correctly? Grateful for any advice.


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I have same issue did you find how can we resolve it?
i have similar issue I am using R2018b, where after installing minwg-64 with pc, I tried opening via command prompt. I changed environmental variable also, still I am not getting any response if I type "setenv('MW_MINGW64_LOC',c:\program files(x86)\mingw-w64)".. no response in matlab... how shall I overcome this ?
setenv('MW_MINGW64_LOC', 'c:\program files(x86)\mingw-w64')
If it works there will be no output from MATLAB, but you could check afterwards with

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Answer by emrah sever on 4 Dec 2017

Thank you. The explanation solved my problem


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Answer by Wesley P
on 31 Jan 2018

Hi Crombie, can you share the link for the installer to install manually. Thank you


Hi Crombie Thanks for sharing the link , I tried but I land on the message when I click Next - "Cannot download repository.txt" and exits, can you help me on this issue. I have Windows 10 OS.

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Answer by racharla
on 28 Feb 2018

I did as per above said..I use matlab2017a I have configured environmental variables and I am having MinGw in some location in my system and I have given location in environment variables but even then I am getting same error like "Error using mex No supported compiler or SDK was found. You can install the freely available MinGW-w64 C/C++ compiler; see Install MinGW-w64 Compiler. For more options, visit" Can anyone please me


hello , you can find instruction available MinGw-w64 C/C++ compiler, Thing what i understand when do you finish the installation shut down the Matlab and then restart again. Note that you already set the environment variable.
I had the same probem but then I realized that I had set the wrong path to the environment variable. I now have it as "C:\MinGW\mingw64" and it works. Make sure the path does NOT have any spaces, like "C:\Program Files\MinGW\mingw64" to avoid future erros, and that the bit version corresponds to your machine's!

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Answer by Fabrice
on 25 Jun 2018

And what for Matlab 2014a ?


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Answer by Fabrice
on 25 Jun 2018
Edited by Fabrice
on 25 Jun 2018

I have VisualStudio 2017 too, but mex -setup cannot find/use the included compilers ? What are the solutions to have Matlab mex files working in this configuration ?
  • Matlab 2014a
  • Windows 10 x64
  • Various compilers installed (VS2017, MinGW...) ; could install another one if needed
  • Intel Core i7

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See for the list of compilers you can use. Note that where it talks about Professional editions, it really does mean Professional editions (or Ultimate editions), not Community or Express editions.

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Answer by Afaf Saad on 23 Sep 2018
Edited by Afaf Saad on 23 Sep 2018

i downloaded version 8 and installed but i can not connect it with matlab, any help?
am getting this error: ">> configuremingw Error using configuremingw Folder 'C:\Program Files (x86)\mingw-w64' does not contain MinGW binaries."


1) I suppose in the path, folder name has space.2) Check in MWs complier document page the correct version of MinGW for the corresponding Matlab versions to sync and work.
hi, I am using matlab r2018b. I have installed mingw-64 setup also but when I run configuremingw in command window it is showing no supported compilers found.. what shall I do for that ?
Similarly, I have r2018b, downloaded mingw-64 and run configuremingw, but get: ">> configuremingw Error using configuremingw Folder 'C:\mingw-w64' does not contain MinGW binaries." I can't find anything to show how minGW works with r2018b.

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