How to blur a figure without blurring the axis?

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I'm trying to add a blur (for instance with imfilter) to a 3D scatter plot (i.e. scatter3). To do so, I save the figure as jpg, load it, and use imfilter. However that blurs then entire image, including the axis and labels. Anyone has an idea of how to prevent of blurring the axis?

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Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson on 13 Nov 2016
save it with those items turned off, apply the blur, display the result with those items turned on.
Guy Nir
Guy Nir on 13 Nov 2016
Dear Walter,
Thanks for your suggestions, I will give it a tray. I agree that saving, and reloading is not the most elegant way to do what I'm trying to. To make the axis not visible, I've used axis off, but I guess there are other ways. By rendering my points into voxels I guess you mean 3D array. The problem is that the matrix will be too big. Maybe I should try a sparse matrix, but am not sure whether a sparse matrix works well with filtering, and other functionalities. I'll try that patch idea! Thanks

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