Is it possible to run python code in matlab?

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Sir, we have python code.Is it possible to run that code in matlab? If so kindly give guidelines.Thank you
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Wei Luo
Wei Luo on 3 Mar 2020
Try this!!!
Python Functions in MATLAB
Use Python® functions in MATLAB®, function signatures, arguments
To call a Python method or function, type py. followed by the module name, function name, and arguments.
In most cases, MATLAB automatically converts input arguments into Python types. An exception is calling a Python function with keyword arguments. Use the pyargs function to pass MATLAB data to these functions.

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Andrew Newell
Andrew Newell on 13 Mar 2011

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manideep reddy
manideep reddy on 20 Apr 2018

You can call python script from matlab using the function


in the same way, you can run a matlab script from python using the function os.system

 import os
print "I am in python"
os.system("matlab matlab_script.m")
Gopinath Karuppannan
Gopinath Karuppannan on 17 Jul 2021
Edited: Gopinath Karuppannan on 17 Jul 2021
I have a source matlab script in folder 1 and i have python script and .mat file in folder 2. When i try to access the folder 2 data from folder 1 using the follow command i am getting error as No such file or directory. can someone guide me how to access the python file and .mat file from different current working directory.
Command used: system('python "folder 2/"')
Error: FileNotFoundError: [Errno 2] No such file or directory: 'dr.mat'

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Pierre Harouimi
Pierre Harouimi on 25 Jan 2022
In R2021b, pyrun function allows you to run Python code directly from MATLAB.
Also, pyrunfile to run Python script.
LEONARDO NUTI on 3 Apr 2022
I've python file that runs xgboost model. When I try to call it from MATLAB
It return error
Python Error: XGBoostLibraryNotFound: Cannot find XGBoost Library in the candidate path. List of candidates:
- Library\mingw-w64\bin\xgboost.dll
- C:\Users\cepch\.conda\envs\aramco\lib\site-packages\xgboost\../../windows/x64/Release/xgboost.dll
- C:\Users\cepch\.conda\envs\aramco\lib\site-packages\xgboost\./windows/x64/Release/xgboost.dll
XGBoost Python package path: C:\Users\cepch\.conda\envs\aramco\lib\site-packages\xgboost
See: for installing XGBoost.
As you can see from message I've xgboost installed in my virt environment but MATALB doesn't sees it. Is there a way to fix this? Or I should reside to py.importlib?

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Steven Lord
Steven Lord on 3 Mar 2020
You might find this recent post on the "Loren on the Art of MATLAB" blog interesting and informative.

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