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Suppress Command Window Output using SYSTEM command

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Hi, on my code i'm doing a conversation between Matlab and a software called XFOIL. First the program creates a file (.dat) with all inputs that need to apply onXFOIL, than execute it with the follow command:
system('xfoil.exe < myfile.dat');
I want to suppress command window outputs. Can anybody help me?
Thank You!

Accepted Answer

Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson on 17 Oct 2016

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Jan Siegmund
Jan Siegmund on 15 Nov 2021
The accepted answer unfortunately is OS specific. A MATLAB only solution would be:
[returncode, outputMessages] = system('xfoil.exe < myfile.dat');
or if you do not want to process the messages and need only the return code
[returncode, ~] = system('xfoil.exe < myfile.dat');


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