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Matlab and ROS communication

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Le on 15 Oct 2016
Answered: Tohru Kikawada on 2 May 2019
I am studying how to use Robotics System Toolbox in Matlab 2016a. I setup the program in two separate computers: one is a single board computer (Ubuntu 14.04, IP, and one is a laptop with Matlab (Window 7, IP I used wifi for the communication. I have an issue with the network setup and I hope that you could help me to figure out.
I run roscore and a node in single board computer to collect data from an IMU and the following commands to setup the ROS_IP and ROS_MASTR_URI:
export ROS_IP=
And in Matlab, I declare the following command to setup the connection:
Then, I run “rostopic list” to check the connection and it shows all topics. However, when I run “rostopic echo” it does not display any data. I cannot use "receive" to get data either. I have verified the network connection by successfully sending the ping signals between two computers.
Do I miss any step?
Thank you for your help

Answers (1)

Tohru Kikawada
Tohru Kikawada on 2 May 2019
Security software often blocks the communication between the host and the target enven if the pings are successful. Please make sure the firewall tunrns off again.


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