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How do i get the editor window to open above the command window and not in a new separate one?

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How do i get the editor window to open above the command window and not in a new separate one?

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Nobel Mondal
Nobel Mondal on 7 Sep 2016

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Towhid on 3 Nov 2018
Edited: Towhid on 7 Apr 2021
Two steps will solve that issue: 1) "dock" all open but undocked windows by clicking on the small triangle at the top right corner of each wimdow, then 2) follow: Home > Layout > Default.

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Adam on 7 Sep 2016
Edited: Adam on 7 Sep 2016
Just dock it and it should stay docked next time you open Matlab. There's a downwards arrow menu in the top right of the editor with a 'Dock Editor' option.

Meghan on 7 Sep 2016
In the top right hand corner of the editor screen there should be a drop-down menu. Select the option to dock the script. That should pin your editor back to being above the command window.

Gloria Meiers
Gloria Meiers on 19 Mar 2019
There should also be an option from the downward arrow to "restore" the editor if you want it to remain open when typing in the command window. That's what I use so that I can see both at once! I think docking only leaves it there until you start typing in the command window and then it minimizes automatically.

surabhi gupta
surabhi gupta on 27 Jun 2020
How can I do this in matlab 2012a?
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Cris LaPierre
Cris LaPierre on 13 Jan 2021
Redock the editor window. You should have an option similar to what is shown here.
You might also try using predefined layouts if they are available in the Home tab.

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