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What exactly does mutationadaptfeasible do in genetic algorithm?

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I am using MATLAB to optimize an objective function with genetic algorithm. Because I have a lower bound for the variable, I am using mutationadaptfeasible to do mutations. The website explains mutationadaptfeasible: "The mutation chooses a direction and step length that satisfies bounds and linear constraints."
Unfortunately, this is a little handwavy to me. Could someone kindly explain what exactly mutationadaptfeasible does? I tried Google, but it seems that there are only similar questions left unanswered .

Accepted Answer

Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson on 4 Jul 2016
You can read the source.
Eric Zhang
Eric Zhang on 11 Jul 2016
@Alan Thanks a lot for replying, and sorry for my late reply. In my case, the reason why I want to know how it works is that I intend to use it in my research problem. In writing a paper, one has to explain how each step is designed, even though it may be just one line of code from an existing tool box. So I don't want (or need) to go deep to the code-level details. Only algorithmic descriptions are enough (as long as they are "scientific", e.g., the documentation for mutationgaussian at is at the perfect level for my purpose). Thanks!
Eric Zhang
Eric Zhang on 11 Jul 2016
Edited: Eric Zhang on 11 Jul 2016
@Walter Thanks a lot for answering and replying, and sorry for my late reply. You are absolutely right. The documentation level I need is at the algorithm level (see my comment to Alan above). I shouldn't have used the word "exactly." But you see, the documentation for mutationadaptfeasible is not even at the algorithmic level.

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Tsai Han Hao
Tsai Han Hao on 19 Mar 2024
I think for the adaptive mutation algorithm, you can refer to Chapter4: Representation, Mutation, and Recombination in Introduction to Evolutionary Computing
Here' the link below:

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