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reverberation in matlab

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PChoppala on 12 Feb 2012
Hi I have a broadband signal x(t) as
x = randn(1,100); Fs = 48e3;
Do we have any inbuilt function or a standard procedure for adding reverberation to the signal(say 3 copies).
The application is for audio source localization.


Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson on 13 Feb 2012
Is your signal definitely broadband? Please see my discussion of the term at
PChoppala on 13 Feb 2012
Yeah, randn(1,100) can be considered as a broad band signal, right? I assume a frequency of 48e3;
To add delay, I take the fft and multiply it with exp(-2*pi*Fs*Td) (Td is time delay) and inverse FFt the result to obtain the time domain delayed signal.
Or we may consider other audio signals as well, right!

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