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In my class constructor I have the following lines:
* some code with inputparser to produce inp
obj.scal = inp.scal;
obj.matrix = inp.scal*matrix; % HERE obj is being printed for some reason
* some code to set other obj properties
Somehow, the object contents are printed to the command window after the second command (it assigns a matrix to the obj.matrix property). The class is a normal "data" class. I'm using Matlab R2015b. I've tried echo off, but it doesn't help. The problem is minor yet annoying.

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Steven Lord
Steven Lord on 24 May 2016
Are those the only two lines in the constructor?
How are you calling the constructor? Are you calling it like this?
obj = myObjectConstructor()
If so, try adding a semicolon after the constructor call.
obj = myObjectConstructor();
Ilya Tyuryukanov
Ilya Tyuryukanov on 25 May 2016
Edited: Ilya Tyuryukanov on 25 May 2016
I've found the "bug". There was a missing semicolon in the set.matrix(obj, matrix ) method, i.e. the line
obj.matrix = matrix
was without semicolon. I've overlooked that obj.matrix is not assigned directly, but via its setter method (with some checks). However, nice to know that I may trust Matlab, i.e. there was no internal bug with these newly introduced objects.

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