How to construct a structure with cell data and doubles?

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Pika on 25 Jan 2012
I'm trying to create a structure using either the struct command or the cell2struct command. The fields that I want for the structure are in a 1x32 cell and ultimately ends up as a char. The values I want are 30001x32 doubles.
I first use num2cell and that seems to output as a cell array but the values are double and when I use cell2struct, I get errors.
Specifically, this is what I put in the command prompt: s = cell2struct(fields{:}, values{:},2); It gives me an error that a string is not a char or you can't use doubles.
I also tried: s = cell2struct(fields{1,1},values(:,1),2); i have values(:,1) because i want the entire column for that one field. This also gave me an error.
What should I do?

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Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson on 25 Jan 2012
s = cell2struct(values, fields, 2);
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Pika on 26 Jan 2012
Thanks. I tried it but it gives me separate struct for each value in the value array.
For example, I want it to be something like this:
s.time -> gives a 30001x1 array of time (0.0,0.1,0.2,etc)
But it gives me separate struct for each value:
s(1,1).time -> gives 0.0
s(2,1).time -> gives 0.1
s(3,1).time -> gives 0.2 etc

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