How do I assign the same value to every field, including nested fields of a structure?

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Say I have a structure which has an unknown number of fields and each field may or may not have subfields. I want to assign a certain value to each field value. I would be okay only going two fields deep into the structure.
For example: Let A have fields a,b, and field a has fields c,d, but field b has no fields. I want to assign all fields to be x so that the result is
A.a.c = x;
A.a.d = x;
A.b = x;

Accepted Answer

Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson on 26 Feb 2016
A = structfun(@(s) layer2(s,x), 'Uniform', 0);
together with
function r = layer2(s, x)
if istruct(s)
fn = fieldnames(s);
r = cell2struct( repmat({x}, length(fn), 1), fn, 1);
r = x;

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