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I'm having trouble with a simple menu, can someone help ?

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I saw this post and since i'm a novice i found this to be a simple menu to do and since i'm trying to make a clock that would update according to the region you are in ( or the region that the user had inputed ) ,in my menu i would like to first make the user choose a continent, and according to the continent that was chosen it would open another menu with the regions of that continent. Would it be wise to make it with a if cycle? Can someone help ? Thanks!

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Ilham Hardy
Ilham Hardy on 4 Jan 2016
"The menu function is not recommended. Instead, use the dialog function to create multiple choice dialog boxes."

Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson on 4 Jan 2016
I would advise using uicontrol('style', 'list') or uicontrol('style', 'popup') to present the choices to the user. Then get the Value property of the uicontrol to determine which entry number they selected.

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