How to rotate XtickLabels and make them vertical.

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f = fopen('1IV7_1M.txt','r');
x = fscanf(f , '%d %d %f' , [3 inf]);
x = x';
g = fopen('1FA3_6_1M.txt','r');
y = fscanf(g, '%d %d %f %f',[4 inf]);
y = y';
h = fopen('1FA3_12_1M.txt','r');
z = fscanf(h, '%d %d %f %f', [4 inf]);
z = z';
F = [x(:,3), y(:,3), z(:,3)];
Fmean = mean(F,2);
Fsd = std(F,0,2);
Ferr = Fsd/sqrt(3);
errorbar(Fmean, Ferr, 'bx');
xlabel ('H-bonded amide residue pairs ');
ylabel ('F (pN)');
label = cellstr(num2str(x(:,1:2)));
title('Average force on backbone atoms due to all atoms of its parntering H-bond residue ');

Accepted Answer

Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson on 29 Dec 2015
The method of rotating tick labels depends upon which MATLAB you are using. If you are using R2014b or later then see

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Mariana Frid Dalarsson
Mariana Frid Dalarsson on 16 Oct 2018
Try this: xtickangle(45)
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Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson on 19 Oct 2018
This will work from R2016b onwards, but would not have worked for Ahmed Lachhab's R2013a version.

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Laura on 29 Dec 2015

Ahmed Lachhab
Ahmed Lachhab on 18 Aug 2018
my x axis labels are long (dates), I have a 2013a version, how can I tilt them by 45 deg. thank you


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