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Matt on 12 Jan 2012
Answered: Rainer Boegle on 17 Jan 2018
I am planning to write parallel code in MATLAB for a research project in the near future. As such, I am evaluating graphics cards for their value in this area. I am leaning toward the ATI Radeon HD cards based on price concerns, but I am aware that these cards don't support Nvidia's CUDA. They do, however, work with OpenCL. For this reason, I am curious about the current state of official support for OpenCL in MATLAB. It does not appear to be natively supported, but are there any plans for support in the future?
Thanks, Matt

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Royi Avital
Royi Avital on 24 Mar 2015
I wish MATLAB will move from CUDA to OpenCL.
There are great libraries for that and it is time we'll enjoy GPU acceleration in any GPU we have.
The Double Precision performance of the AMD cards are great and far better than what the average user have in the nVidia counterparts.
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Rainer Boegle
Rainer Boegle on 17 Jan 2018
Maybe try this toolbox to use OpenCL from MATLAB.

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Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson on 12 Jan 2012
I will add this: only high MathWorks management, and MathWorks Sales, are authorized to speak about future MathWorks product plans. Employees do not even talk much about whatever is available in the current beta release.
You may wish to consider looking at Accelereyes' Jacket product; it does support OpenCL.

Rainer Boegle
Rainer Boegle on 17 Jan 2018
Try this toolbox

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