Minor tick spacing changes when saving figure to file

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I would like to prevent the minor ticks from changing when I export a figure. Any idea how I do that? I have tried setting YTickMode to manual and that doesn't seem to help. Here is a picture of the figure (left) before exporting and (right) after exporting. I don't understand why the y minor tick spacing changes. I have tried both print() and export_fig() and they both exhibit the same behavior. This all started happening after I updated from 14b to 15b. YAY!!! I want to export what I see.
Kirby Fears
Kirby Fears on 6 Nov 2015
You can make a post about minor tick spacing in the export_fig link provided by Walter. Yair may have a solution or find a fix.

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Answers (2)

Usha Duddu
Usha Duddu on 11 Nov 2015
Hi Thomas
I understand that when you try exporting the figure either using "print" or "export_fig", minor yticks change their position in figure file.
This might happen because Y axis ticks in the figure are set to 'Auto' and Y axis is rescaled when the figure is resized for exporting.
One resolution to preserve the Y axis ticks from the original file to the exported file might be to uncheck the 'Auto' option for Y axis from "Edit->Axis Properties" from figure window. After doing the above setting, you could try exporting the figure through "print" command.
Hope this helps!
Thank you Usha

Ye on 18 May 2016
Previously, I met the same problem. Then I find out it depends on the size of figure window displayed in matlab before you print the figure. That is after I run my script, matlab will show a figure window, and that is what your later exported figure looks like. If you maximize the window, minor ticks will increase, vice versa.

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