Is it different to use the Data Acquisition Toolbox with a National Instrument USB 6212 under 32 bit or 64 bit Matlab?

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I had at Matlab R2008 (32 bit) a program which use the Nation Instruments measurements box. Now I have a 64 bit Matlab and get the following error message with the same m-file. Is it caused of the of the changing to 64 bit version and I must change this at the m-file or do I need an additional tool? At the m-file at line 33 (error) I have : NiDaqDevices = daqhwinfo ('nidaq');

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Usha Duddu
Usha Duddu on 10 Sep 2015
Hi Daniel
I understand that you are getting "The Daq Legacy Interface is not supported on this platform" error on using "NiDaqDevices = daqhwinfo ('nidaq')" command in 64 bit MATLAB. This is because 'nidaq' adapter is supported by Legacy interface. Also 64 bit MATLAB does not support Legacy Interfaces with the device vendor of National Instruments. Below is the link to supported interfaces for various vendors-
Hope this helps.
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Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson on 10 Sep 2015
To expand a bit: the older DAQ interface, now called the Legacy Interface, relied upon 32 bit drivers. It is not possible in MS Windows, Linux, or OS-X to call 32 bit code from 64 bit applications. It is certain that you will not be able to use the Legacy Interface from any 64 bit MATLAB, not unless the operating systems themselves get improvements that are unlikely at this point.
The only operating system that I have personally seen that supported mixed application sizes was Cromix, which supported mixing 32 bit Motorola 68000 applications with 16 bit Zilog Z80 applications (a different processor completely!) by using a reserved 4Kb section of memory for communications. In those days, we resented the fact that 4 Kb was taken away from what we could use, as the entire system only had 64 Kb or 128 Kb of memory (256 Kb if you were wealthy enough.)

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