NaN in deconvolution

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raj0689 on 14 Dec 2011
Hi guys,
I am stuck with a deconvolution part in my program. I have a filter o/p and the filtered o/p, but they both have zeros and numbers too. When I am trying to deconvolute, it returns "NaN" values. Is there any solution to it? I m stuck here for days. Please help me.
Thanks and regards,

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Amith Kamath
Amith Kamath on 14 Dec 2011
Since your data has zeros in them, deconvolution may return NaNs because you are dividing by zeros. What you could do is either of these:
try by adding 'eps' to all the zero values, so that it results in finite values, although not exactly accurate,
or, remove the NaN values by using ~isfinite or ~isnan.
raj0689 on 15 Dec 2011
thanks Walter :) its working , but still i am not able to reverse my modulation.. getting lots of errors in getting +1s and -1s.. :(

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