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Accessing to the position stored in a variable

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Suppose I have a matrix, A=rand(5,5) and an array, b=[2,3]. How can I extract the A(2,3) element? I know a simple solution is A(b(1), b(2)), but the problem is that I may end up with a high dimensional A matrix and I do not want to write something like: A(b(1), b(2), b(3),…., b(n)).

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Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson on 10 Dec 2011
The below does not look like much, but it uses a powerful MATLAB facility:
t = num2cell(b);
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Mohsen  Davarynejad
Mohsen Davarynejad on 10 Dec 2011
Many thanks Walter, It's perfectly matches what I was looking for.

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