Gridding data set and highlighting selection

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Dear all,
I have following data set
X Y filename
126.0000 40.0000 TX-130W4
126.5698 40.2369 TX-131W5
127.1396 40.4738 TX-130W6
127.7094 40.7107 TX-132W7
128.2792 40.9476 TX-130W8
128.8490 41.1845 TX-130W9
129.4188 41.4214 TX-130W10
129.9886 41.6583 TX-130W11
130.5584 41.8952 TX-130W12
Now I want to make a grid of lets say 0.05 degrees for X and Y and then highlight the data points on each grid nodes and finally output those node points with XYZ values. The reason I'm doing this I have very big data file which is just like a scattered plot I want to grid that region and select data points on each grid point (lets say 40 (130) then 40.05 (130) 40.1 (130) and so on similarly 126 (40) then 126.05 (40) 126.1(40) and so on). Numbers in brackets are either x-axis or y-axis. Please see the attached figure so the white dots are points I want to output. I will be very grateful if someone could help me in this task.
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Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson on 16 Jul 2015
Note: the data appears to be tab delimited. I change that to spaces in the posting so that it would be readable.

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Muthu Annamalai
Muthu Annamalai on 16 Jul 2015
I recommend you to read basic plotting tutorial using MATLAB and use some standard plotting functions like below,
  1. plot function
  2. text function
  3. Tutorial on Graphics system
to annotate your graph axis.
I am not able to provide you a canned solution.

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