One Multi Dimensional Array or Several Two Dimensional Arrays ?

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Hello everyone, I'm writing a code that includes calling back a specific variable several times, i used Matlab Profiler in order to determine the specific time for every part of the code and it was 95 % of the run time associated with calling back the variable values, Now the variable that's being called back is actually 9 variables or 9 arrays f1(i,j), f2(i,j) , f3 (i,j),... etc. where i,j are changing using a for loop in order to fill the arrays, So i have 9 arrays that are Two Dimensional,
My question is, Which is faster: 1) To run the code as it is using 9 Two Dimensional Arrays f1(i,j), f2(i,j), f3(i,j) ...etc. or 2) To use One Multi Dimensional Array f(i,j,1) , f(i,j,2) , f(i,j,3) ... etc.
Knowing that the functions f1,f2,f3.. etc. are not dependent on each other (can i run in parallel ?).
My Goal is to minimize the code run time.
Thanks in advance

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Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson on 12 Jul 2015
Vectorize to do the entire function at one time. If you need to, use ndgrid:
[I, J] = ndgrid(1:maximum_i, 1:maximum_j);
Mahmoud Sedahmed
Mahmoud Sedahmed on 18 Jul 2015
Thanks Walter, unless the form of multidimensional array is saving large run time i won't re-write the code, it would take a lot of time to re-write the code in the new form of multidimensional arrays, and i guess that won't help much. Although i would try vectorizing, Thanks a lot.

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