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Engineering notation

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Baba on 17 Nov 2011
Commented: Harry Dymond on 22 May 2021
How can I get the data on Y axis of a plot to show up in engineering notation?

Answers (2)

Harry Dymond
Harry Dymond on 3 Jul 2020
Use my FEX submission num2eng
Harry Dymond
Harry Dymond on 20 May 2021
Hi Filipe,
Presumably you meant "replace 2.3 with 2,3"?
Are you interested in using engineering notation or SI units as well, or do you just want to replace the decimal point with a comma?
Harry Dymond
Harry Dymond on 22 May 2021
I've updated num2eng with a "useComma" option to use a comma as the decimal separator

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Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson on 17 Nov 2011


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