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is there way to convert this python code to matlab code? how can i convert python code to matlab? this is the code that I want to convert:

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import numpy as np
from matplotlib import pyplot as plt
from scipy.misc import derivative as drv
from scipy.integrate import quad
#import sympy as sp
C1 = 3.74177e8; C2 = 1.43878e4; sig = 5.67e-8
T_static = 229.58 #changes with altitude, this is for altitude of 9 km
Tval = open("Tawvalue.txt")
Tvalue =
Tvalue = Tvalue.strip()
Tvalue = Tvalue.split('\n')
hval = open("hvalue.txt")
hvalue =
hvalue = hvalue.strip()
hvalue = hvalue.split('\n')
T = []; H = []
for i in range(len(value)):
a = float(value[i])
b = float(hvalue[i])
def wall(T_w):
wallt = H[i]*T[i] -T_w*H[i] - e*sig*(T_w**4) + e*sig*(T_static**4)
return wallt
def power(lam):
return (e*C1)/((lam**5)*(np.e**(C2/(lam*c)) - 1))
c = T_static; e = 1; rad = quad(power,8,12)
Temp_value = []; optimum_emsvty = []
for i in range(len(H)):
e0=0.0; e1=1.0; delt = 1
while (abs(delt)>0.000001):
e = (e0 + e1)/2.0
c = 500
for j in range(5):
c = c - wall(c)/drv(wall,c)
powr = quad(power,8,12)
delt = powr[0] - rad[0]
if delt>0:
e1 = e
elif delt<0:
e0 = e
c = float(c)
file = open("Optimum_Emissivity.txt","w")
for item in optimum_emsvty:
file.write("%s\n" %item)
file = open("Final_Wall_Temperature.txt","w")
for item in Temp_value:
file.write("%f\n" %item)

Answers (1)

Steven Lord
Steven Lord on 5 Jun 2024
Do you need to convert the code or do you just need to run the code? If the latter, see this section of the documentation.




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