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missing "configure for app" in matlab 2019b app designer

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I want to creat custom component for matlab app designer .
I cannot find the "configure for app" button?
in addition, I also cannot run it from the commend line:
>> appdesigner.customcomponent.configureMetadata('C:\funcs\BandC1_exported.m');
Unable to resolve the name appdesigner.customcomponent.configureMetadata.
how to creat it?

Accepted Answer

Steven Lord
Steven Lord on 2 Jun 2024
According to the documentation page for appdesigner.customcomponent.configureMetadata this function was introduced in release R2021a.
It looks like the base class for creating custom components existed in release R2020b, but the Release Notes suggest that classes created using it were not available for use in App Designer until release R2021a.
You will need to upgrade to release R2021a or later to use this functionality.

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