Matlab R2022b won't save .fig

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Hi everyone,
I'm currently experiencing an issue where Matlab won't let me save a figure as .fig. I've tried saveas, savefig or manually saving the figure. It doens't even give me an error message it just doesn't create a file.
Does anyone know why this happens or how to fix it?
Star Strider
Star Strider on 12 Feb 2024
I believe .fig files are saved as .mat files. Can you save .mat files?
Joe Vinciguerra
Joe Vinciguerra on 13 Feb 2024
Is it possible that your operating system is hiding .fig files?

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Accepted Answer

Steven Lord
Steven Lord on 12 Feb 2024
Let's make sure you haven't created your own savefig.m that is taking precedence over the savefig function that is part of MATLAB. What does this command show?
which -all savefig
If you see your own function ahead of the one in toolbox/matlab/graphics/objectsystem, rename your function.
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Dominik Rohrbach
Dominik Rohrbach on 14 Feb 2024
Thank you that solved it!
I had a toolbox installed which seems to have overwritten the savefig function

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