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Will Dropbox new use of Apple file API make things difficult for me?

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Dropbox is notifying of a new version for macOS that uses an Apple file system API for security. I am concerned that the file API appears to likely hide files (in ~/Library), and may interfere with how I interact with the file system. I am constantly interacting with the file system, with Finder, with a complex app (Matlab) that I work in very much and even with Terminal, where I use such primitive commands as 'ls'. If the files I have in Dropbox are in effect hidden behind a new file API, how will I be able to access them? Will I need to rely on Dropbox simply to get at them, e.g. for opening in Matlab, or simply copying them from one place to another in Finder?

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Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson on 29 May 2023
MATLAB's uigetfile() already uses native operating system file choosers, so if you have been using uigetfile() on MacOS you already know what it will look like for Dropbox.
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jkr on 2 Jun 2023
I do not generally use uigetfile(). I am concerned with how files will appear in the console, in the Current Folder section. I commonly view that and double click on a file to load it. Will it appear and work the same? I am concerned that the files may in some sense be hidden.

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