MATLAB and several command prompt commands

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Egor Losev
Egor Losev on 12 Jan 2023
Commented: Egor Losev on 15 Jan 2023
I have a device which I want to transfer files from through tftp. To do this I'm opening a command prompt and writing
tftp -i get dmafiles-0
This begins the transfer. In total I need to transfer files 0-7.
I'm trying to make MATLAB run these commands for me without locking itself into busy mode.
I can do this if I create a function file with this command and use batch(function) to run this script:
ch = 0:7;
for i=1:length(ch)
command = sprintf('tftp -i get dmafiles-%d', ch(i));
This will offload the transfer to a different worker and not lock the main MATLAB window. However, this will transfer the files in a serial manner, one after the other. If I open several command prompts, I can transfer several files in parallel.
The issue is that I don't know how to offload each transfer onto a different MATLAB worker, which will then run the transfer of its respective file in a different cmd window.
Should I create 8 functions, each corresponding to its own file, and then batch all of them?
i.e. CH1, CH2, ..., CH8 and then batch(CH1), batch(CH2),..., batch(CH8)
Is there a better way?
In short, the issue is - open several command prompts and run a command in each. Works when done manualy, looking into how to implement in MATLAB.

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Jan on 12 Jan 2023
Edited: Jan on 12 Jan 2023
Try this under Windows:
for i = 0:7
command = sprintf('tftp -i get dmafiles-%d && exit &', i);
% ^^^^^^^^^
For Linux, use ; instead of &&.
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Egor Losev
Egor Losev on 12 Jan 2023
I'm on windows.
This works, but it opens a cmd windows for each transfer process. Is there a way to transfer "silently"?
I have tried with the way I mentioned - doing batch in a for loop on 8 functions, and in each function there is a respective dmafiles-0-8 transfer. While not pretty, it does work in the background.
Your way is much neater, but opens 8 cmd windows.

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Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson on 12 Jan 2023
For Windows use System.Diagnostics.Process to create the transfer processes. You can invoke tftp directly without creating a command window, and you have control over the output stream.
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Egor Losev
Egor Losev on 15 Jan 2023
I'm trying the following:
for i = 0:7
Process = System.Diagnostics.Process();
command = sprintf('tftp -i get dmafiles-%d', i);
but it doesn't run, gives the following error:
Message: The system cannot find the file specified
Source: System
HelpLink: None

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