Psychtoolbox-3: Error using Screen

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Jade T
Jade T on 30 Dec 2022
Commented: Jade T on 31 Dec 2022
Hi all, this bit of code is from an entire script keeps closing out w/ error and I am not sure why.The error message reads the following:
textureIndex=Screen('MakeTexture', WindowIndex, imageMatrix [, optimizeForDrawAngle=0] [, specialFlags=0] [, floatprecision] [, textureOrientation=0] [,
Error in punishment_ar_att_v3 (line 285)
image = Screen('MakeTexture', onScreen, item);
Screen('Preference', 'SkipSyncTests', 1);
%%% Screen Dimensions %%%
screens = Screen('Screens'); %count the screen
minScreens = min(screens);
[onScreen, screenRect] = Screen('OpenWindow', minScreens); % Open the second window
%[ScreenX, ScreenY] = WindowSize(onScreen);
ScreenX = screenRect(3);
ScreenY = screenRect(4);
cx=(ScreenX/2); %Middle of screen on X-axis
cy=(ScreenY/2); %Middle of screen on Y-axis
ScreenRect = [0 0 ScreenX ScreenY]; %Rectangle = size of whole display
cd charities;
charList = dir('*.jpg'); % Get pics
nChar = find([charList.bytes]>1000);
charList = charList(nChar);
nChars = length(charList); % How many?
cd ..;
charTex = zeros(1,length(charList)); % create an empty cell array to store each new texture
for i = 1:length(charList)
cd charities;
item = (charList(i).name);
cd ..;
image = Screen('MakeTexture', onScreen, item);
charTex(i) = image;

Accepted Answer

Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson on 30 Dec 2022
You are passing a name in, but you need to pass the image content instead. So you need to imread()

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VBBV on 30 Dec 2022
charTex = cell(1,length(charList)); % create an empty cell array to store each new texture
for i = 1:length(charList)
cd charities;
item = (charList(i).name);
%cd ..;
image = Screen('MakeTexture', onScreen, item);
charTex{i} = image;
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Jade T
Jade T on 31 Dec 2022
The curly brackets! Thanks much, i knew something was off with the indexing but for some reason I though that the parentheses worked despite it being a cell array

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