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[Simulink] get the parameter of the block to be variable in HDL

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I want to make HDL (verilog) code from Simulink, and all of the parameters have to be variables.
For example, in "Bit Shift" block in Simulink, there is "Shift Length" parameter.
How can I make this parameter to be variable in HDL?
I want to set the value to this parameter in the model from the "input" port.

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Kiran Kintali
Kiran Kintali on 21 Dec 2022
HDL Coder supports bitshift block with shift length specified via input port.
Reach out to technical support on your specific usecase of parametrizing blocks which do not have such behaviors.
If your intent is tunability of the parameters at run time you should consider using
Generate DUT Ports for Tunable Parameters




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