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Packaging apps that are dependent on custom toolboxes.

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I'm trying to wrap up an App in a package and it includes options that are dependant on a couple of custom toolboxes I have written.
When it analyses the app the packaging dialog appears to suck in all the functions from the custom toolboxes. This means that the app ends up being larger than necessary and is fixed in it's version. If I then update my custom toolbox then the packaged App will not see or get and bug fix or feature update as it has it's own older version of the function embedded within it. I don't want to be re-releasing the App everytime I update the custom toolbox.
The App packaging dialog has a section for identifying dependent toolboxes but this appears to be limited to Mathworks defined toolboxes.
Is there a way to package an App so that it does not include all the custom toolbox functions and just flags this custom toolbox as a dependancy?

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Steven Lord
Steven Lord on 15 Dec 2022
Are you trying to deploy this app using MATLAB Compiler but want it to call MATLAB code from your custom toolbox without including that toolbox code in the MCR? That's not going to work.
From the documentation "MATLAB Runtime only works on MATLAB code that was encrypted when the deployable archive was built. Any function or process that dynamically generates new MATLAB code will not work against MATLAB Runtime."
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Adrian Cherry
Adrian Cherry on 15 Dec 2022
No I'm not not deploying using the MATLAB compiler.
The users are on the same network and all have MATLAB installed. I've built an app using the appdesigner and it uses a couple of custom toolboxes we have also packaged.
I'm trying to get the App packaged so the users can easily install it in their App ribbon but still have it point to and use the custom toolbox. So the app will automatically pickup any bug fixes in the custom toolbox. At the moment it seems that the App package dialog just takes a snapshot of the custom toolbox at packaging time so it will have to be rebuilt and re-released everytime there is a change to the custom toolbox.

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