How do I insert a picture into a script?

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I need to have an image in my code for users to reference. I don't want to imread or imload, I just want an immage pasted almost like a comment. Off to the side and not affecting the code at all. Can I do that?

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Steven Lord
Steven Lord on 19 Nov 2022
If your script is a live script that you have open in the Live Editor, select the Insert tab of the Toolstrip then click the Image button.
DKonk on 19 Nov 2022
This is unfortunately the answer I was looking for. The asnwer is no. Thanks!

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Jan on 19 Nov 2022
Edited: Jan on 19 Nov 2022
It depends on how you would like to see the image. It cannot be displayed in the editor, because scripts are M-files and therefore pure text files. Of course ASCII-art would be possible.
If you want to display it by imshow you can embed base64 encoded data:
% Create the data stream as ASCII:
img = randi([0, 255], 20, 30, 'uint8'); % Example image
B64 = org.apache.commons.codec.binary.Base64;
str = char(B64.encode(img(:))).';
% Store in the file:
img64 = ['0Ocg6aEYR4z19yj49XzMJGvqyvWnCdnvrcG+ZKcrtAhGCxjSsVHzCH', ...
'Bhw8svfXKltcFGrqcpHn/1V5U5wEGBsuT1jCMmQddB0D7tWTJAnXla1JWM6', ...
'knBwGGREw2Hx+8hkXgDVinLT4cqmkOnsL9zFTrpJ9OJ/xRxG/YBxtHeFWZC', ...
'zG7pLkMlIt6UjCXan1mDZhM9Hy89agzn8X19VuZeHMdjPWcYIfH0kw88WtI', ...
'DCyumu6VzjEu+MK8uXqDHFO3GfG9yToKC0cukYM+IWfDgjJ+WNU14O9gxOS', ...
's6b0/sbi/n+nAcQmiYQ5q2OB5LUWyCFUPNB+26fZQ8dfaLhTt9n61lXvwJ4', ...
'unLGUNVriK4G6d+x7fn5FWyMge+gHrnnJ7czpMuPeIHfSr6toB4D64KEoUY', ...
'0dG4JqiE+abMdG7TFSIsZNTND2aGaqigSm4D+yobXzJ9VvPrDbxEbIzxavt', ...
'Ns6qKsqotIP8rCI/hqzBedfso26VgMG17HpY5YpVASp1D0/u6WJUb6OHRQp', ...
'gFbFApLWwYmXiys6MIEVGHp2jRt/eIUxucx2wXRCdHcIZ14ITxo/U9rUqrs', ...
'RFBOarYWMesAZpj6gB2bHXFUsh4CS24eSdXmzG9PupEwzBJF5Oui2ykpa2i', ...
'8TW1PB6bc3WpxVmpatfVQZ2Vit5DUR7wpXqji6WLuIX+NxscEGdyXcOgxe7', ...
'5MSOyGIaH3Hxkq72FWSaWQwvBPnGwW7xlrrRxBVRsRTLSbuNkxGXOwWA3yv', ...
B64 = org.apache.commons.codec.binary.Base64;
img = uint8(B64.decode(uint8(img64));
imshow(reshape(img, 20, 30));


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