Query regarding update to MATLAB R2022b.

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I am not able to just update from R2022a to R2022b? When I click to update it downloads new installer and asks me to install from scratch.

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Steven Lord
Steven Lord on 9 Nov 2022
That is correct. Generally there are enough significant changes between releases that some sort of "incremental update" like you're describing would have to contain most if not all of the files anyway. Rather than have multiple installers (one for installing on a system with no MATLAB installation, one for installing on a system with an installation of the previous release, one for installing on a system with an installation from two releases ago, etc.) each release has its own self-contained installer.
Installing update releases generally involves a much smaller set of files which is one reason you could install say release R2022a Update 1 on top of an existing installation of release R2022a.
Image Analyst
Image Analyst on 12 Nov 2022
Just to be clear, if you download the full release after small, incremental update releases were issued, the full release on the web site will have the update releases already incorporated into it. So if you go to the bell icon in the upper right of MATLAB, it should be grayed out because you don't need it.
For example I got the original r2022b and then I used the bell to get Update 1 when it became available around a month after the original release of r2022b. Now my bell is grayed out. If someone went to the website to get the latest r2022b, it will already have Update 1 so their bell icon will be gray out since it's not applicable. Same for the compiler run-time MCR libraries. So you won't need to (and can't) "install all updates from scratch" since it's being done implicitly.

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