How to use Mask the Source image in vision.AlphaBlender?

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I tried using this as suggested in Mathworks help but its showing error. Halphablender=vision.AlphaBlender('MaskSource','Input port','Mask','BinaryMask','LocationSource', 'Input port'); Its displaying The MaskSource property is not relevant in this configuration of the System object. Can someone please help me with this problem

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Clive Fox
Clive Fox on 2 Nov 2016
Edited: Walter Roberson on 22 Jun 2017
I had the same issue but MAthwork Tech gave the answer below:
Thank you for contacting MathWorks Technical Support.
The issue you are facing is because to use the variable 'mask', it has to be defined previously. Executing the following commands demonstrates the role of the mask parameter:
>> % load images
>> I1 = im2single(imread('blobs.png'));
>> I2 = im2single(imread('circles.png'));
>> % plot original images
>> figure
>> subplot(1,2,1);
>> imshow(I1);
>> subplot(1,2,2);
>> imshow(I2);
>> % full mask
>> halphablend = vision.AlphaBlender('Operation', 'Binary mask', 'MaskSource', 'Input port');
>> mask = ones(size(I2));
>> J1 = step(halphablend, I1, I2, mask);
>> % upper left corner of the mask is set to 0s
>> mask(1:end/2,1:end/2) = 0;
>> J2 = step(halphablend, I1, I2, mask);
>> % plot
>> figure;
>> imshow(J1);
>> figure;
>> imshow(J2);

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Muhammad Danish
Muhammad Danish on 8 Jan 2019
Still showing error known as
Error using AlphaBlender/step
The Mask input must be a vector or a matrix.

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