Can MATLAB 2020b run on a Surface Pro X or Pro 8

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I an looking to get a new laptop and I would like to keep the 2 in 1 platform. I really like the Surface Pro X with the SQ2 processor or the Surface Pro 8 with the I5 (or I7) processor. I was wondering if the tablet format for the OS and the use of the SQ2 processor might cause issues running MATLAB 2020b on those products. I have read that their could be issues but there was not any solid answers to base a purchase on. Could someone please tell me if I can fully download and operate MATLAB 2020b on these products and if not why?

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Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson on 26 Sep 2022
Yes MATLAB should run on the Pro 8.
It will not run on the SQ2, or at least not natively; it certainly would not be supported. I have not checked to see if Microsoft's Windows x64 emulator has made it out of beta yet.
Brian Carr
Brian Carr on 26 Sep 2022
Is the OS on the surface pro 8 still a tablet based OS or is it the full PC version? If it is a tablet versioned OS could that be an issue with MATLAB?

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