How can I fix the "Failed Factorial design specification" ?

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Dear all,
I am trying to conduct a two-way ANOVA analysis of task fMRI using SPM12 and MATLAB software version R2020a and facing a problem.
Failed 'Factorial design specification'
Error using save
Found characters the default encoding is unable to represent.
In file "/Users/haiti/Documents/MATLAB/spm12/config/spm_run_factorial_design.m" (v7739), function "spm_run_factorial_design" at line 1062.
=> line 1062: save('SPM.mat', 'SPM', fmt);
What would you recommend to fix it ?
Thank you very much for your time and consideration, highly appreciated!
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Jules on 17 Oct 2022
Hey Hai-Ti,
TL;DR: I switch back from MATLAB2022a to MATLAB2018b to avoid the error.
Long response :
have you found a solution?
I just run in the same problem but I could not find any response on this issue...
I have tried to manually edit the SPM code to switch
save('SPM.mat', 'SPM', fmt);
save('SPM.mat', 'SPM');
I had to do it in several places (in four or five files so far) and It seems to remove the error message ... I just hope it will not affect the SPM processing...
edit: and unfortunelty it does affect and block the normal SPM processing. Saving files seems fine but eventually spm12 use some compiled non-MATLAB file that I couldn't track and adjust to solve the issue ...
So I revert my matlab to an older version to make everything run as it uses too.

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