Running multiple scripts on separate cores in parallel

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I have four scripts - all running a MILP problem using intlinprog. I want to run the four scripts simulataneously to produce their results in the workspace. I cannot run it as parfor problems as there exisits a 'break' in the intlinprog loop.
I have tried :
parfor K = 1 : 4
if K == 1; test1; end
if K == 2; test2; end
if K == 3; test3; end
if K == 4; test4; end
However, it informs me:
Error using test2
Transparency violation error.
See Workspace Transparency in MATLAB Statements.
Error in runCodeScript (line 2)
parfor K = 1 : 2

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Accepted Answer

Matt J
Matt J on 11 Aug 2022
fcn=@(i) run("test"+i);
for K=1:n
Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson on 11 Aug 2022
means to ask a worker to execute function fcn on a worker, and on the worker it will be passed the parameter K . Looking at the function source:
fcn=@(i) run("test"+i);
that would take the numeric value passed in, convert it to character vector, append it to test and ask to run() the result. So when parfeval(fcn,0,3) was executed, run("test3") would be executed, thus asking the script test3 to execute.
You would only need a vector (cell array) of function handles if the names of the scripts to execute were not predictable.

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