How to access properties of objects instantiated between different classes in multi-window matlab app designer

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I'm creating an application where the main app, after performing some functions and storing some data, calls app.2 or app.aux. However, to perform a certain function in app.2 I need a result (artificial neural) created in the main app.´
The neural network is a public property in the main app
app.2 does not display the neural network created in the main app as properties when it starts. Can someone help me?

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Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson on 6 Aug 2022
app2 and app aux each have constructor methods. Change the constructors to accept an option parameter which is the handle of the calling app. Then when you invoke them, pass in app from the first routine.
If it does not permit you to change the constructor, then have the constructor just create the new app and return its handle. Then add a method that accepts the handle to the calling app and stores it away and does whatever real work is desired.

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