Error using Distributed Parameter Line Block

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Error using DistributedParameterLineBlock
Block 'LineFaultModel1abc/Distributed Parameters Line2' has atleast one mode with propagation time
smaller than the specified powergui's 'Sample time(s)' value. In order to simulate this model, 'Sample
time(s)' must be less than '3.449e-06' secs.
Error in psbsort
Error in powersolve
Error in powersysdomain_start
Error in powersysdomain_netlist
Error in powersysdomain
Error in final_online_classification (line 11)
[tout,xout,yout] = sim('LineFaultModel1abc',[0 0.4],simopt);

Answers (1)

Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson on 5 Aug 2022
The default Sample Time is 50e-6 seconds; you need to set it to be less than 3.449e-6 seconds for the purpose of that particular model.

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