How do I activate a license on an off-site machine?

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I am the license Administrator & have deactivated one of our licenses (we have 10) from an older PC. I need to activate this license on a laptop for someone else who is off-site. What do I need to know? .

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Steven Lord
Steven Lord on 3 Aug 2022
Is the off-site laptop able to access the internet? If not the documentation includes instructions on how to activate an installation offline.
If it is able to access the internet, that documentation page states "If you are an end user who has been asked to activate MATLAB® software that was not installed by you, follow the procedure in Activate Installation Using Internet Connection if you have an Internet connection." There is a step there that will require information from you, the license administrator. See the Notes boxes on several of the steps in the activation process described on that page.
If you or your end user encounter difficulties while activate the license on the laptop, please create a service request with Customer Service and work with them to get the software activated.


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