Select data from timetable according to date and time

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I want to plot some part of my data regarding smaller interval but I don't know how to create those interval since my time data is in datetime format.
I tried the isbetween function but I have this error message.
intervalStartTime = '12:37:48';
intervalEndTime = '12:37:58';
idx = isbetween (TTJosue.Time, intervalStartTime,intervalEndTime);
Error using datetime/isbetween>isbetweenUtil
All inputs must be datetime arrays or date/time character vectors or date/time strings.
Error in datetime/isbetween (line 59)
[aData,lData,uData] = isbetweenUtil(a,lowerLim,upperLim);
selectedRows = TTJosue(idx,:);
I don't understand where this error comes from because '12:37:48' and '12:37:58' are written in the same format as in my timetable, and I tried to formulate it differently.

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Answers (1)

Steven Lord
Steven Lord on 2 Aug 2022
If you want to determine if the time portion of a datetime falls in a certain window (regardless of the date portion) I recommend using the timeofday function to extract the time portion and calling isbetween on the resulting duration array and your time window data (also converted into duration arrays.)
First convert your time data into duration arrays.
intervalStartTime = '12:37:48';
intervalEndTime = '12:37:58';
dStart = duration(intervalStartTime)
dStart = duration
dEnd = duration(intervalEndTime)
dEnd = duration
Now let's get a sample datetime and extract its time portion.
n = datetime('now')
n = datetime
02-Aug-2022 13:23:47
dToCheck = timeofday(n)
dToCheck = duration
dToCheck is not in the interval [dStart, dEnd] and so isbetween returns false.
isbetween(dToCheck, dStart, dEnd)
ans = logical
Let's create another datetime whose time portion is in that interval.
dt = datetime('today') + duration('12:37:53')
dt = datetime
02-Aug-2022 12:37:53
dToCheck2 = timeofday(dt)
dToCheck2 = duration
Now isbetween will return true because of the day we built dt.
isbetween(dToCheck2, dStart, dEnd)
ans = logical

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