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save variables from GUI to workspace (variables not accesible )

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maximilian comploj
maximilian comploj on 7 Feb 2015
Commented: Arshavin Hasegava on 17 Jul 2020
hello I created a GUI with GUIDE and values are entered by the GUI Variables are then saved seperately in a text file all perfect. BUT I cannot acces to the variables in the WORKSPACE.
I would like to make my variables visible and so that i can acces to them for further projects.
Can someone HELP please thank u a lot.

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Jason Moore
Jason Moore on 7 Feb 2015
Which ever variables you would like to be in the workspace simply save them off to the base workspace by doing
myVar = 5
in this case assignin takes three arguments. First, the workspace to save the variable. Second, the name of the variable. Lastly, the value of the variable.

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