How to fix the figure plot always being above on the screen?

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Dear all friends,
When I generate a figure plot in matlab, how could we make the plot always being above on the screen?
It is unconvient when I debug my code row by row and the plot would be disappear, and I have to adjust the matlab window to make figure plot and matlab window being shown together.
is there any way to achieve the figure plot fixed above on the screen ?

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YINGGANG on 7 Jul 2022

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MJFcoNaN on 4 Jul 2022
You may set the figure property of WindowStyle to 'modal' :
PS: 'docked' is another option if you don't want the figure always cover a part of screen.
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YINGGANG on 6 Jul 2022
Dear friend,
I find the windowstyle did not solve my problem. I may not explain my question clearly. For the following sccren shot , when I debug my code, for example, it runs to line 34, the figure plot is shown. However, when clicking step-to-run, the figure plot is disappeared. the figure moves to the back on the screen. I have to adjust matlab window to find the figure plot then continue debugging. It is not convenient.
so i just wonder if there is some codes that can make the figure plot always been show on the screen, even when clicking other buttons in matlab window, the figure plot should not be pushed back and disappear.
I prefer writing codes to achieve this, not to make efforts on the figure plot. Because I am asking this question just because I dont want to be interrupted when debugging. if I still have to click sth on the figure plot, interruptions in debugging still happen and what is the actual difference with adjusting matlab window to achieve this?
So if there is some guidence to writing codes to achieve this. it would be very great!

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Abhijit Nayak
Abhijit Nayak on 4 Jul 2022
From your query, I can guess you want to position the plot graph at some point on the screen which would help you to debug your code.
Take the following example and I hope you can edit the pixel location according to your need.
f1= figure;
f1.Position(1:2)= [0 0]
For further information, check this out:
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YINGGANG on 6 Jul 2022
Dear friend,
Thanks for your help. Still i dont achieve my expectations well. I may not explain my question clearly. You may find my explanation in the first respondent's comment.

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Shyam on 4 Jul 2022
It is my understanding that you want to fix the figure plot on the screen , so that both the code and plot appear together and it will be easy for you to debug the code.
You can achieve this by reproducing the steps as follows :
1.You need to dock the figure window to matlab window using the dock option(curved arrow) given in figure window.
2.A seperate figure window will appear beside the editor window in the matlab.
3.Click and hold on the docked figures window titlebar and pull the cursor and adjust according to your convinience .
or alternatively you can use a live script where as you code and run , the results/plots appear to the right.So you can look at the code and the results at a time
You can refer to the live script documentation Create Live Script for more details
Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson on 7 Jul 2022
If the code window is always the same size, then once you have manually positioned a figure once you can do
Nice_Figure_Position = get(gcf, 'Position');
and after that, every time you generate a new figure, you can do
set(gcf, 'Position', Nice_Figure_Position)
YINGGANG on 7 Jul 2022
Thanks for updating.
You may still not understand my problem. The main problem is during debugging, the figure plot, once generated , is automatically pushed back to the MATLABT window when codes runs to next line. Your code is just allocate the figure to some certain position, but if continue clicking step-tu-run, when moving to next line, the figure plot still disappear.
you may find what I am trying to say on first respondent's comment. you may see the screen shot to find what actually my problme is.

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