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fitcensemble optimize hyperparameters without showing plots

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I am fitting an ensemble of learners for classification, and optimizing the hyperparamers (using the 'auto' selection):
This works correctly. How can I run the same command, while suppressing all the optimization plots? I am trying the following, but without success
fitcensemble(X,Y,'OptimizeHyperparameters','auto', struct('ShowPlots',0))
Any help would be apprecaited! Thank you,

Accepted Answer

Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson on 27 Apr 2022
fitcensemble(X,Y,'OptimizeHyperparameters','auto', 'HyperparameterOptimizationOptions', struct('ShowPlots',0))
michael dupin
michael dupin on 23 Aug 2023
Thank you indeed!
Just putting it out there: if you already have a struct in your command, just add the pair ShowPlots and 0 within it and it works like a charm!
Mdl_0 = fitcensemble(train_input,train_outcomedata, 'OptimizeHyperparameters','auto', 'Learners',t,'HyperparameterOptimizationOptions', struct('AcquisitionFunctionName', 'expected-improvement-plus','ShowPlots',0));

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