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How to find a residual energy for this nodes ?

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Arul prasath
Arul prasath on 7 Jan 2015
Closed: Walter Roberson on 28 Aug 2015
sir, i have attached my code below please go through it and run this code. In that i have highlighted like this
% Finding the residual energy for neighborhood nodes
I3 = nearestneighbour(X(cluster),add_1 , 'r', 50)
n3 = length(I3);
sir, by using 'I3' i can get nearest neighbor nodes to that cluster head and now i want to find the residual energy for those nodes, so please help me in this case.
Note: After running my code you will get "I3" that is nearest neighbor nodes of 'X' and now i want find the residual energy of that nodes.
Arul prasath
Arul prasath on 11 Jan 2015
please reply me, i'm waiting for your answer....

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