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Saving Workplace variables to .mat files

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YIMING on 20 Feb 2011
Hey all, recently I meet the following problem:
Suppose I created a cell named descr like: - descr = cell(1,6);
and after assigning value to each descr{i}, I save it into a file, - save('file.mat', 'descr');
later when I load the file that I just saved, - newdescr = load('file.mat', 'descr'), and update the value of each cell element, - newdescr.descr{i} = newValue;
Then I wish to save the updated cell into the previous file, - save('file.mat', 'newdescr.descr'),
Now the compiler tells me that 'newdescr.descr' is not a valid variable name;
So how do I handle this?

Answers (2)

Jan on 20 Feb 2011
Copy the field to anew variable:
descr = cell(1,6);
descr(:) = {1};
save('file.mat', 'descr');
data = load('file.mat', 'descr');
newdescr = data.descr;
newdescr(:) = {2};
save('file.mat', 'newdescr');
Or use SAVE with the -struct flag.

Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson on 20 Feb 2011
What you probably want is
save('file.mat', '-struct', 'newdescr');
Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson on 21 Feb 2011
Heh ;-)
20 hours ago... Let's see... I think it was starting the laundry that delayed me.

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