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Matlab Web based applications

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Tamim on 4 Nov 2014
Edited: Walter Roberson on 4 May 2015
Dears, I would like to create a Matlab web based application based on a GUI created using GUIDE. I have some questions:
1- Is it possible to create a web based application from a GUI? 2- Should I use the Matlab Builder (NE or JA)? 3- Can the finished application run on any browser such that it does not require any run time or matlab libraries installed on the client computer? 4- Can you please point me to any documents that describe the development process? 5- Does Mathworks run any courses on creating matlab web based applications?
Please let me know

Answers (3)

Viswanath on 4 Nov 2014
Edited: Walter Roberson on 4 May 2015
Hi Tamim,
In order to integrate MATLAB analytics with a web application, there are different options available. If you have a .NET application, you can use MATLAB Builder NE to create a .NET assembly from your MATLAB code. You can then reference this assembly in your .NET code. Similarly, for java applications, you can use MATLAB Builder JA to create a jar library which can be integrated with your java application. The below links can help you get started:
MATLAB Builder NE:
Video introduction:
Product description:
Displaying MATLAB figures in a web application:
You can use the WebFigures feature to display MATLAB figures on a web site for graphical manipulation by end users. This feature is explained below:
In addition to the webinars and tutorials available on the MathWorks website, there is also training available for application deployment using MATLAB Builder JA and MATLAB Builder NE.

Tamim on 6 Nov 2014
Thank you Viswanath.
I have another question.
If I develop a matlab GUI using GUIDE and I want to display it on a webpage as a Java applet, then is this possible using Builder JA?
I think deploying Java applets is straightforward, but I hear this is old technology. Is the computation going to take place on the client or on the server computers?
Please let me know.. thanks for all your help

Titus Edelhofer
Titus Edelhofer on 6 Nov 2014
Hi Tamim,
unfortunately this is not possible. The products mentioned above by Viswanath help you integrate your MATLAB functionality into a web page, but they don't provide the web application.
So: you need to develop the web application separately and then use MATLAB Builder JA/NE depending on your web application to integrate (mathematical) algorithms as computational blocks into this web application.
Webfigures help you with the display of graphics on the web page.


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